President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tracy L. Swayne uses her vast knowledge, expertise, and personal experience to achieve results at every level of an organization.

Ms. Swayne was an FBI Special Agent (SA) for 9 years and a certified police instructor. Her assignments as a SA included investigations regarding National Security, White Collar Crime, Drugs, and Special Inquiries. She independently developed programs that were incorporated nationwide and her presentations were requested for use by the FBI Director and Congress.

Among her many accomplishments, Ms. Swayne also worked in Government Contracting for over 15 years. Her expertise includes: Marketing; Public Relations (where clients included Pentagon and distinguished officials, as well as major Government and civilian sub-contractors); Supervisor; Program Manager; Security and Personnel Manager; Business Development; Proposal Management/Writer; and Graphics Design and Production.

She knows how to get things done and works with like-minded experts to get the job done right.

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Swaywin is based on excellence, honesty, and the highest integrity.

We understand the value of Partnering. Strategic Teaming engages experts to deliver robust and exceptional products.

Vice President/Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Jeffrey S. Swayne can make a computer do anything...with enough time and money. The secret is finding the balance to deliver the best product at the right price.

Mr. Swayne began his career in the US Air Force and served for 10 years. He has excelled in Computer Programming for over 25 years as a Senior Software Engineer, Programmer, and Web Manager.

His distinguished repertoire includes: MS Visual Studios 2012; VS C#; VB 6.0; MS SQL Server 2008; Oracle II - PL/SQL; .Net 4.5; Crystal Reports; Classic ASP; ASP .Net; Java Script; COBOL II and CICS; Agile Methodology; and Project Management.

Mr. Swayne has the unique ability to develop a working product based on a Client's conceptualized needs. Using Agile Processes, key milestones are developed, met, and validated with each Client throughout the Project Lifecycle. This ensures a successful product delivered on-time and within budget.

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